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 Custom Art Commission Contract

This Agreement Is between:

     The Artist:   Cheryl Stein
     Address:     442 N. State Street
                       Big Rapids, MI      49307
     Phone:        (231) 598-0832      Email:


    (The Collector) Name: _________________________________________________________

    Address: ____________________________________________________________________

    Phone: ____________________________ Email: ___________________________________

Agreement between Artist and Collector as follows: 

1. The Artwork:  The Collector is commissioning Cheryl Stein to make a painting of the following description:

Image Size:______________________Subject:________________________________Media and Support:_________________________

Special Instructions:_______________________________________________________________________________________________ 

The Collector expects to receive a painting of the quality represented on the Artist's website and acknowledges that the Artist cannot provide details not visible in the provided photograph(s). The Artist guarantees all materials used will be of the highest archival quality available.

2. Payment Schedule: A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required before artwork commences. The payment is due in full upon acceptance of a digital photo of the completed work.  Artwork will be immediately shipped following receipt of payment in full. Shipping is included in the quoted price for the Continental USA.  Additional cost arrangements will be made for shipping abroad.

3. Payment Amount: The Artist and Collector agree upon $___________USD selling price. The Collector will pay any taxes due.

4. Copyright: The Artist retains the copyright to all works commissioned by the Collector that were created by the Artist, including all reproduction rights and the right to claim statutory copyright. No artwork may be reproduced or altered without the written consent of the Artist.

5. Right of Refusal: In the event that the Collector does not wish to purchase the commissioned artwork the Artist will retain the refused artwork and the non-refundable deposit. This is free of any claims or interests of the Collector and the Collector will not owe any additional fees to the Artist.

6. Artist is NOT responsible for any damage to the work incurred after the work leaves the Studio. The work will be shipped with adequate packing and insured for its value.  It will be the collector’s responsibility to make any claims with the carrier.  It will also be the Collector's responsibility to properly frame and care for the artwork to preserve it from environmental damage.

____________________________________        _______________
Artist                                                              Date

____________________________________      ________________
Collector                                                         Date  
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Cheryl Stein Studio
442 N. State Street 
Big Rapids, MI 49307